Manifestation – A Chemo Hat in Cochineal and Logwood Organic Wool!!

A very exciting thing happened last week.

I finally saw a finished project made from Escape to Evermore yarn.

Sue Greens Chemo Sleep Cap

It was made with this yarn.

F-2 Logwood Cochineal in nest

An organic wool dyed using cochineal and logwood to give a soft color combination that I just loved.

It had traveled a bit before finding its final home with Sue Green – the person who knit this wonderful hat.

back view of Sue Green's hat

It first went to the Beltaine Festival.

Escape Yarn at the Beltaine Festival

That is it in the center.

Then to the Fairy Festival . . .

Escape yarns on display at Faerie Fest

Here it is in the center lower left.

It was dyed using a highly technological process.

yarns dyeing in pots in the back yard

The center two pots are the Logwood and Cochineal dye pots.

Eventually it ended up in my Etsy shop as yarn F-2.

close-up of logwood cochineal yarn

Sue, who has her own Etsy shop – Greenbriar Creations – is on a team with my husband Chip and had heard about Escape through him.  She gave F-2 a higher purpose – to bring warmth to someone – possibly someone who is sick and going through chemo now.


I am so proud.

So if you get a chance, visit Sue’s shop.  She does wonderful things with upcycling and wool and vintage linens that are so worth seeing – and buying!!  I am a sucker for antique linens and love to look through her shop.

And if you are in the market for a great looking hat made from naturally dyed organic wool . . . .


6 thoughts on “Manifestation – A Chemo Hat in Cochineal and Logwood Organic Wool!!

  1. Danielle says:

    Wow, that is so cool!! I know the excitement of seeing one of your babies grow up into something beautiful at the hands of someone else. Such pride. And she did a beautiful job with that hat! I will check out her site.

  2. Sue says:

    Thanks so much! The hat turned out great. The yarn is so soft. I’ve shared it on my FB page –

  3. Wonderful combination of your hands and hearts!

  4. Ginny Huber says:

    I just found this blog of yours having Googled about natural dyeing with Poinsettias ( I inherited one just today) and via your other blog found this; Nice work and will be back again! Will let you know whether I got green with the Poinsettias..I am a felter and nuno felter and am always looking for ways to dye roving naturally in colors I like and withiout felting it first..

    • Shelly R. says:

      Hi Ginny – so glad you found my blogs. Not alot of dyeing going on this time of year but I have alot of posts on my older blog about it that I did last summer. Hope they help.

  5. Jean Shirley says:

    chemotherapy hats are specially designed for patients who are suffering from cancer. Hand-knitted chemotherapy hats are needed to help cancer patients during one of the most difficult parts of their treatment.

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