Welcome to Escape To Evermore

Evermore is that place you fight for.  (See Led Zeppelin’s “Battle for Evermore”).  It is the Western Isles, Avalon, Valhalla, the Sacred Grove beyond the Gateway and all those other places that linger just beyond your consciousness.  It is a promise of more.

Evermore is filled with the beauty and wonder of nature and the magic of the earth.  In Evermore the Druids dance and the Fairies fly and nature and magic abound.  And if you can tap into that place, that energy and that magic, you can sometimes bring forth some wonderful things into this world to remind us that Evermore is worth fighting for.

I try to Escape to Evermore whenever I can.

Escape To Evermore is the name I gave to a business I started which tries to connect with all of the magic of nature and spirit and to bring some of that magic into manifestation in this world.  I am starting with baby steps.  I have been spending my days learning about and experimenting with the colors that nature produces.  These are the colors that I am using to naturally dye wools and yarns using plants, flowers, woods and . . . bugs.  You can find those yarns for sale on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/escapetoevermore .  However, I shortly expect that those dyes are about to find some new uses as the world of fairies has started to enter into prominence in our work and I suspect a series of woodland fairy costumes are going to make their appearance in my shop in the not too distant future.  A purple Logwood Fairy or a yellow Fusticwood Fairy sound just lovely.  Soft leather is also waiting in my living room for an elven ranger (or rangette?) to make its presence known.

If you would like to see the posts about the dyeing work that I have been doing up until now, please check out my first blog at www.apolishgranddaughter.wordpress.com .

Now it is time for Escape to Evermore to step out on its own.  It has its own store and its own blog and seems poised to take off and fly – on fairy wings.  Hope you come back and check in often.

Onward and Upward.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Escape To Evermore

  1. Ashling says:

    Congrats on the new blog! Hoping Escape to Evermore is successful beyond your imaginings.

  2. Danielle says:

    Ooooohhh…I don’t think I knew you were going to start a separate blog…it looks wonderful! And I’ve already told you how incredible I think your Faerie Fest booth looked. And HEY! Thanks for the mention!! LOVE YOU!

    • Shelly R. says:

      I want to start a separate blog for Hawk Studio too. We always intended to use A Polish Granddaughter as a jumping off point for more focused blogs – but I needed to learn how to do it first. I think separating the businesses from the family stuff is good. I actually have not been posting alot of family stuff on the Polish Granddaughter blog because so many of the followers, well, really don’t care what my family is doing, so this should make it easier. Your blog was always intended to be a knitting blog. Mine has always been a hodge podge. Time to get the businesses more organized.

  3. Best wishes on your new venture!!!

    The natural colours you are producing are really beautiful and I’m sure you will do well on etsy.


  4. Shelly R. says:

    Hi Liz, Thank you for following me here. How are your dye plants doing this year?

    • Hi Shelly,
      Madder started last year is getting big and tough-looking, japanese indigo not too promising, last year’s woad produced tons of seed, some of which I’ll plant now for Fall cutting, and still waiting on coreopsis and calendula. Cotton is still doing its sloooow thing, and flax is not as good as last year (Still haven’t figured out how to water ret with any degree of accuracy). Have to say it’s a “foundation” year – should get some results next summer if all goes well.
      Best wishes on your projects!

  5. wildbraidart says:

    Awesome site Michelle. We should get together. We are so close. You can see my knitted and crocheted wall hangings which are made with a lot of hand made yarns and ornamental yarns. You’ll love them. Some of them on my website wildbraidart.com, my facebook page of same name and my etsy shop same name.
    Met Chip in McNan’ s the other day and he told me of your blog here. So glad I visited. Marlene Vidibor

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